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girlnade's Journal

Amanda jo
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Stereotyped | Wife | Mother | Friend | Daughter | Aunt | Sister | Scorpio

I'm 21[19.11.88],married, a mother, business owner/photographer, and most importantly, I'm Happy :). My name is Amanda & I've been Mrs. Amanda Bailey since [7.JAN.2005]. I am a simple, complicated person. I am who I am, if you don't like that, too bad.

I'm short (5'3'') and I'm deffinatly not a skinny girl. I've retired all of my piercings, and after 6 long years I am not longer severely anemic. I can actually hold a tan if I try hard enough! I change my style all of the time. I have a completely diverse wardrove. With Texas blazing its 100+ tempatures right now though, I try to keep as cool as possible. I have short brown hair, after cutting 14 inches off. I have a blue eyes, that I always thank my mother for.


My husband is by far the most amazing person I've ever known. He's also one of the best things that's ever happened to me. He's (5'11") and currently 26. We've been through so much togeather, and we wouldn't be the couple we are today without that. Oddly enough we share the same birthday.

We met online in November of 2002. He lived 45 minutes away. let's just say he put alot of miles on his car on his day's off. We started dating [07DEC02]. We got married [07JAN05].


Conner Reno is our First born. He was concieved and birthed in Germany. He lived there until he was almost 2 1/2. He was born on January 15th, 2006 -via- emergancy c-section at 7:11am after 28 hours of labor. He was 9lbs 11oz, and 20.8 in long.

He's the most perfect tyrant ever. He loves being outside, swimming, riding his bike, coloring, writing his name, and ever other letter in the world, and socializing. He loves the "Cars" themed toy cars, and the movie as well. He's currently obsessing over everything and anything Transformers.

He's 4 1/2 and the most energetic child I've ever known.

He's deffinatly a Daddy's boy.


Caitlin Josephine made her apperance 4 days after her due date on July 7th, 2008. She was our attempted VBAC baby. She was born -via- emergancy c-section at 9:23pm weighing 8lbs 10oz, 20.5 in long.

I labored for 38 hours with her, and when I finally reached 10cm I had pulled several muscles in my back along with other complications. I tried pushing but with no luck. My surgery was very tramatic, and I had alot of complications with it, and ended up needing a blood transfusion.

She was concieved in Germany, and born here at the Darnell Army Medical Center in Fort Hood, Texas.

She's amaaaazing. We tried breastfeeding and it didn't work out. Now that she's a year old, we're off the formula, and she eats everything in sight! She started walking at 11 months, and loves to make ton's of noise! She's about to hit the big 2 year's old and hates everyone but her mommy & daddy. It's a good and bed thing, lol.

She's Mommy's little princess. 


Friend's only. entry, comment & add me before I consider adding you. If I decided not to add you, I will let you know, so you can remove me.

I am strongly against Drinking and driving, driving while on drugs, smoking/drugs around children, drugs in general, taking care of a child under any influence of alcohol/drugs, child neglect, rapists, & murdering human beings. I say Human beings, because I am not a vegatarian, so it would not be right for me to just say I'm against murdering. I am, of course against more, but those seem to tip off the list. If you don't agree with me, than simply don't add me.

Do NOT add me if you're one of those soldier hoppers. Don't just date a soldier for the status of MILITARY GF. Seriously, its fucking stupid, and you look like a moron doing it. You must not realize how hard it is to be in the military, because you have no problem dumping him & moving on to the next soldier.

And if you're going to commit your life to someone by marriage, mean it. Do everything in your power to keep your marriage together if things become rocky. It won't be easy, but It will be worth it. Of course thing's happen, and sometimes people fall out of love with each oher, just remember you were in love at one time, so don't end your relationship on a bitter note.

Your journal is your journal to do whatever you wish with, but if I don't like reading what you're posting, I won't. Needless to say if I start skipping your entries because of what you're writing, I'll probably just remove you. No hard feelings.

I will not tolerate these things when you're on my friend's list. I'll remove you, plain & simple.



EDITED: 06/05/10 

CREDIT: Amanda


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